Swedish serial killer who never was

Sture Bergwall resides in a psychiatric hospital for the criminally batty three hours' drive arctic of Stockholm. A aerial wire fence circles the building. CCTV cameras clue the movements of the alfresco world. The attenuated windows – some of them barred – are bedraggled with clay and blubbery with double-glazed glass. In adjustment to visit, you charge admission through a assumption of automatically locking doors and airing through an airport-style aegis gate. You charge leave your adaptable buzz in a distinctively provided locker and duke over your authorization in acknowledgment for an ID tag and a agitation alarm. Two associates of staff, cutting artificial clogs that cheep beyond the linoleum, escort you through the corridors.
In the visitors' room, Bergwall sits straight-backed on a baby red chair, dim ablaze bright off rectangular-framed spectacles, his anxiety buried hardly afar in blah socks and Velcro-strapped sandals. He has been a accommodating in Säter hospital aback 1991 and although he is 62, the beef on his easily is still blush and unworn, the result, one imagines, of a abridgement of acknowledgment to sunlight. His beard – what is larboard of it – is white.
Occasionally, he leans advanced to booty a accessory of chewing tobacco from a dejected tin on the low table in advanced of him which he block beneath his top lip. He smiles added than you adeptness expect, anniversary time announcement a band of small, chicken teeth pushed aback like a fence falling in on itself. Aback he laughs, his amateur convulse acclaim in his dejected sweatshirt. The all-embracing consequence is that of a kindly, hardly shy earlier man who is acquisitive to please. Does he accept he is criminally insane? Bergwall looks at me, smiles, and afresh all-overs his head. "No." What will he do if he anytime gets out of here? "I'll aloof airing beeline advanced and accumulate going."
Until about recently, Sture Bergwall was Sweden's best belled consecutive killer. He had accepted to added than 30 murders and been bedevilled of eight. He declared himself Thomas Quick. Assuming this adverse adapt ego, he claimed during a assumption of assay sessions at Säter over the years that he had maimed, raped and eaten the charcoal of his victims, the youngest of whom was a nine-year-old babe whose anatomy has never been found.
Swedish victims: Gry Storvik Gry Storvik, 23. Murdered in Oslo, 1985. Quick was bedevilled on confession, with no acknowledging argumentative evidence; indeed, berry from her anatomy did not bout Quick’s DNA. Charges were waived this September
During the 1990s, Thomas Quick accepted to one baffling annihilation afterwards another, becoming, in the words of the ancestor of one of his declared victims, "a apparition who ran through Scandinavia killing added than 30 people". The barbarous assassin was a media acquaintance and his bespectacled face stared out from advanced pages and television screens. The newspapers declared him "the cannibal". Thomas Quick became Sweden's actual own Hannibal Lecter.
But then, in 2001, he chock-full co-operating with the police. He withdrew from accessible appearance and afflicted his name aback to the one he was built-in with. In 2008, Hannes Råstam, one of Sweden's best admired documentary-makers, became intrigued. He visited the aloft Thomas Quick, now accepted as Sture Bergwall, at Säter, trawled through the 50,000 pages of cloister documents, assay addendum and badge interrogations and came to the amazing cessation that there was not a distinct atom of abstruse affirmation for any of Bergwall's convictions. There were no DNA traces, no annihilation weapons, no eyewitnesses – annihilation afar from his confessions, abounding of which had been accustomed aback he was beneath the admission of narcotic-strength drugs. Confronted with Råstam's discoveries, Bergwall accepted the unthinkable. He said he had bogus the absolute story.
The book annual this amazing annual has aloof been posthumously appear in Sweden – Råstam died age-old 56 from blight of the pancreas and the alarmist in January, the day afterwards the arrangement was finished. In Thomas Quick: The Making of a Consecutive Killer, Råstam unpicks in assiduous detail the way in which the acutely afflicted Quick was able to accretion key advice surrounding anniversary case from psychiatrists, badge admiral and lawyers, afore cobbling calm the circuitous and abashed testimonies into a articular anecdotal that could angle up in court.
Jenny Küttim, who was Råstam's researcher for three years on the story, was afraid by what they found. "The affliction allotment is that because of bodies not accomplishing their job, there are a lot of killers out there who never got bent or faced justice," she says.
In a country that has become alike with the adamant fabulous detectives of Henning Mankell and Scandinavian TV drama, the book has prompted a accessible clamor and a administrative scandal. Bergwall has now been acquitted of bristles of the eight murders. Two outstanding cases – one for the annihilation of 15-year-old Charles Zelmanovits, one for the bifold killing of a Dutch brace on a camping cruise – accept been submitted for review. Bergwall's lawyer, Thomas Olsson, expects the verdicts will be quashed and he will afresh alpha affronted for his client's absolution from the psychiatric hospital in which he has been confined for added than 20 years. According to Olsson, the aberrant case of the consecutive analgesic who never was "raises austere questions about the absolute acknowledged system".
But why would a man acknowledge to such barbarous and agitated crimes if he was absolutely innocent? Aback in the visitors' allowance at Säter, Sture Bergwall tries to explain. "It was about accepting to something," he says, speaking in Swedish through a translator. His articulation is quiet but assertive and his thoughts are intelligently expressed. I am the aboriginal British announcer he has anytime appear to. But it wasn't too adamantine to get authority of him – although he entered Säter afore the boundless use of the internet or adaptable phones, he now has his own Twitter account.
"I was a actual abandoned actuality aback it all started," he continues. "I was in a abode with agitated abyss and I noticed that the worse or added agitated or austere the crime, the added absorption addition got from the psychiatric personnel. I additionally capital to accord to that group, to be an absorbing actuality in here."
Bergwall had consistently capital to amalgamate in. He was a boyish misfit. He grew up in a baby boondocks in rural Sweden, one of seven ancestors aloft according to austere Pentecostal beliefs. He describes himself as a "creative and ambitious" child, absorbed in theatre and writing. At 14, he realised he was gay. Ashamed by his sexuality, he hid it from his acutely religious parents. He started experimenting with drugs – amphetamine was his favourite – and, at the age of 19, was accused of molesting boyish boys. Later, he approved to ache a aloft lover. In 1990, he beggared a bounded coffer dressed in a Santa Claus accouterments to augment his addiction. The abettor recognised him. He was confined in Säter hospital for psychiatric treatment. Not a abiding individual, then, but not a consecutive analgesic – at least, not yet.
As a adolescent man, Bergwall had consistently hankered afterwards actuality taken actively and advised as an able person. For a while, he capital to be a doctor and apprehend up on psychoanalysis. In Säter, he began to realise he could use this adeptness to get the absorption and accepting he craved. "What would you say," he asked his therapist one day in 1992, "if I had done commodity absolutely bad?"
"That created a reaction, an interest," Bergwall says now. "I said: 'Maybe I murdered someone' and already I'd said that, there was no activity back."
Swedish victims: Charles Zelmanovits Charles Zelmanovits, 15. Abolished from arctic boondocks of Piteå in 1976. His charcoal were activate in 1993. Quick was bedevilled in 1994 via a confession, with no argumentative evidence
The aboriginal "murder" Thomas Quick accepted to was that of Johan Asplund, the victim of one of the greatest bent mysteries in Swedish history. Johan was an 11-year-old boy who went to academy one day in November 1980 and disappeared. His anatomy has never been found. During a alternation of assay sessions and, later, in badge interviews, Quick said he had best Johan up alfresco academy and absorbed him into his car afore demography him to a abounding breadth and raping him. Quick claimed he had afraid and deadened the boy, afterwards burying Johan's burst anatomy genitalia so that no one could acquisition them.
But admitting argumentative technicians analytic the locations declared by Quick, no charcoal were anytime found. In fact, it took nine years for prosecutors to cobble calm a case adjoin Quick – he was assuredly bedevilled of Johan's annihilation in 2001. By that time, Quick had already been activate accusable of seven added killings. Yet, abnormally for a consecutive killer, there was no accessible modus operandi: Quick asleep accouchement and adults, he raped men and women, he acclimated an arrangement of weapons and committed murders in assorted genitalia of Sweden and Norway.
In 1996, he accepted to the annihilation of nine-year-old Therese Johannessen in Norway eight years previously. Quick initially said the babe was albino and lived in a rural village, admitting the actuality that she had aphotic amber beard and lived in a belfry block in a heavily urbanised area.
"He got aught right," Bergwall's lawyer, Thomas Olsson, tells me afterwards in the car on the way aback from Säter. "He declared a absolutely altered bearings in all aspects but instead of accepting that, they went on with 15 fresh interviews."
Olsson, who was brought in to represent Sture Bergwall afterwards he abandoned his confessions, has a acceptability for demography on difficult cases. With his swept-back hair, bristled face and chain-smoking habit, he is absolutely the affectionate of actuality one can brainstorm arena the role of a advancement Scandinavian advocate in a film. He drives too fast in a car broadcast with abandoned coffee cups. Although he isn't religious, his wife has insisted he adhere a cord of chaplet chaplet from his rear-view mirror as a admonition to apathetic down.
Does Olsson accept Bergwall is dangerous? He snorts. "No! Not at all." Does he like him? "I don't like bodies too abundant in general," he says afterwards a pause. "But, of course, if you absorb so abundant time with a client, you consistently see the actuality abaft the headlines. It all starts with a little boy beneath a Christmas tree, arena with toys and it ends up actual tragic. About forth the line, anybody is a victim."
After "confessing" to the annihilation of Therese Johannessen, Quick was apprenticed to Norway. The TV cameras followed his every move. He was rapidly acceptable one of the best acclaimed men in Scandinavia and revelled in the attention. Aback Quick claimed he had befuddled Therese's anatomy genitalia in a adjacent lake, the Norwegian authorities spent seven weeks' clarification it. They activate nothing. Aback a 0.5mm "bone fragment" was apparent in abutting woodland, it afterwards affronted out to be a broiled allotment of wood. Admitting this, Quick was convicted.
Even added curiously, he appeared to accept a cast-iron annual for some of his crimes. Although he accepted to killing a boyish boy in 1964 at the age of 14, it affronted out that several assemblage could bethink seeing him at angelic accord with his non-identical accompanying sister, some 250 afar away. In fact, there was a photograph assuming him there. Aback he claimed albatross for the killing of a 23-year-old woman in Norway in 1985, he said he had sex with her admitting his declared animal alternative for men. The badge had activate traces of abettor but a consecutive DNA assay disqualified out the achievability that it belonged to Thomas Quick. And yet the courts already afresh activate him accusable "beyond all reasonable doubt".
Swedish victim: Yenon Levi Yenon Levi, 24. An Israeli tourist, asleep while biking in Dalarna in 1988. Quick was bedevilled in 1997, afterwards argumentative affirmation but on statements that affiliated facts not appear publicly. Charges were waived in 2010
Defenders of the verdicts acicular out that, in interview, Quick had appear cogent pieces of advice from anniversary of the crimes that alone the analgesic would know. Still today, there are those who robustly avert the badge investigations, including absolute cloister adjudicator Göran Lambertz, who conducted a week-long assay of the Quick case in 2006 in his antecedent role as advocate accepted and activate it all to be aloft board.
"There is no DNA nor fingerprints and [the evidence] is not as able as it could be," says Lambertz aback we meet. "What there is is aggregate he [Quick] said aback afresh that array of fits in. He gave a lot of facts about two murders in accurate [Johannessen and Zelmanovits] that fit so able-bodied with what absolutely happened and what affectionate of accouchement these two were."
But according to Bergwall, a lot of the advice was already in the accessible domain: aboriginal on in his confessional spree, he still had approved leaves of absence from the hospital.
"I'd go to the Royal Library in Stockholm on day absolution and apprehend up on old cases on the bi-weekly microfiches," he explains. Bergwall acclaimed bottomward the cogent capacity in ancillary letters – the accession of the body, the specifics of the landscape, the victim's accouterment – which he would afterwards "reveal" in assay as Thomas Quick. His therapist (who saw him for a minimum of three 90-minute sessions anniversary week) would acclaim him for his courage in digging abysmal into his remembered past. The badge would be captivated at the actualization of a aboveboard doubtable for a ahead baffling crime. On at atomic two occasions, Quick was aureate by clandestine jet to booty allotment in reconstructions at annihilation sites. All the time, Quick was basking in the reflected glory, like a accepted child.
"I didn't charge to do abundant to acquaint the stories," he says. "Usually a distinct bi-weekly commodity would be enough. The blow of the advice consistently came during the interrogations from the police, therapists or altered bodies on the investigations team. I knew I aloof had to accept to pay attention."
In all of his assay sessions and the afterwards badge reconstructions, Bergwall was heavily benumbed on a cocktail of benzodiazepines. Medical annal appearance he was actuality accustomed tablets every brace of hours – generally up to 20mg of diazepam, abundant to beating some bodies out cold. A aerial dosage accustomed to those with poor actuation ascendancy can advance to a absolution of inhibitions and could explain why Bergwall was able to ad-lib such a aberrant annual of cannibalism, abduction and murder. At the time, he remembers actuality absorbed by depictions of fabulous consecutive killers – astonishingly, he was able to borrow a archetype of Bret Easton Ellis's American Psycho from the hospital library.
"The drugs were actual important," says Bergwall. "I had chargeless admission to them and I relied on them to get me into a action area I could acquaint belief and accomplish them up."
What aftereffect did the drugs accept on him?
"A lot happened axial of me. I'd get high, I'd get a bang and afresh I'd accept lots of fantasies. My acuteness would run wild. In one sense, they gave me a lot of creativity. It was like a abandoned circle. The added I told, the added absorption I got from the therapists and the badge and the anamnesis experts and that meant I additionally got added drugs."
There was a bunch of bodies about Quick, abnormally declared by those I allocution to as actuality affiliated to "a cult", "a travelling circus" and "a religious camp that did not acceptable agnostic beliefs". The aforementioned badge officer, therapist, prosecuting and defence advocate dealt with anniversary of his adventures through the years. Alike the aforementioned adenoids dog, Zampo, was acclimated to attract anniversary "murder" site.
"During the advance of the investigation, Quick mentioned at atomic 24 altered places in Sweden and Norway area he had committed murders, handled asleep bodies or larboard anatomy parts," says Leyla Belle Drake, who was Hannes Råstam's arcane agent. "Zampo apparent for animal charcoal 45 times at those 24 locations. Not a distinct trace of claret or anatomy genitalia was anytime found. The dog is aloof as bad as the blow of them."
Swedish victims: Trine Jensen Trine Jensen, 17. Activate asleep alfresco Oslo in 1981. Quick was bedevilled in 2000. Charges were waived in September this year
The approach this baddest accumulation propounded was that the accommodating had repressed acutely alarming memories, which resurfaced in the anatomy of dream-like sequences that could generally be blowzy with inconsistencies. It was alone through afresh assay sessions with trusted confidants and the administering of abstracted drugs that the absolute anecdotal could emerge.
For Jenny Küttim, this is one of the best atrocious elements of the accomplished aberrant affair.
"He was a brainy accommodating in a brainy hospital in Säter," says Küttim, her aseptic acrimony about tangible. "He was the alone one who didn't accept a job. The added bodies about him were the ones who were meant to be adage 'No, we don't accept you.' In that sense, you cannot accusation Sture Bergwall, because a lot of bodies about him should accept said no. At the aforementioned time, he's additionally to accusation because he's aching a lot of bodies by cogent these stories."
Prime amid those were the victims' admired ones, who had their affliction apparent in public, their hopes aloft by a fantasist and afresh abject by able incompetence. Björn Asplund is one of them: the ancestor of the missing 11-year-old boy who was the accountable of Quick's aboriginal confession. Asplund, 65, lives on a houseboat declared Viking, affronted to a abiding ballast on Basin Mälaren in axial Stockholm. Inside, a coffee pot boils on the stove in a galley kitchen and the baiter rocks acclaim from ancillary to ancillary with anniversary animation of the tide. On the coffer aloft the dining table area we sit hangs a atramentous and white photograph of Johan: a animated boy with a pudding-bowl haircut.
"He was actual accepted in school, aloof a abundant kid," says Asplund. "His dream was to become a farmer." Asplund and his ex-wife, Anna-Clara (the brace afar aback Johan was three years old), were told in 1993 that a brainy accommodating they had never met had accepted to the abduction and annihilation of their son. From the beginning, neither of them believed it.
"Not for abounding reasons," says Asplund, who works for a brainy bloom charity. "In about all cases area the boyish is the victim, it is addition who has a abutting affiliation to the boyish who is the perpetrator."
Thomas Quick was alien to them. In fact, the Asplunds were assertive they knew who did it: an ex-partner of Anna-Clara who capital to seek animus for the alienation of their relationship. There was abundant amplified affirmation adjoin this doubtable for the Asplunds to accompany a clandestine case adjoin him. The ex-partner was bedevilled to two years in bastille for kidnapping but freed on address a year later. Björn Asplund, however, charcoal assertive of this man's guilt.
"It bogus me affronted aback Thomas Quick accepted because, from that point, I realised that the accomplished case was bankrupt adjoin the ex-partner," he says. That it afresh took seven continued years for Quick to anatomy a articular arrangement of contest alone accepted the couple's suspicions: "For every abstaining actuality in this country, it charge accept been accessible that this guy was not trustworthy."
During the investigation, Asplund believes it was accessible that Quick was accepting his advice from the police. "We activate out that aggregate we would acquaint them would appear out a few weeks afterwards in his assay sessions," he says.
As an example, he believability to the actuality that Johan had a appropriate birthmark on his appropriate buttock that alone his parents knew about. In aboriginal interviews, Quick claimed alone that Johan had some ambiguous marks or scars on the advanced of his stomach, possibly from surgery. The badge asked the Asplunds if Johan had any such scars. For a while, they banned to be specific because of their suspicions that the advice would accomplish its way aback to Quick.
"Then they threatened to booty Anna-Clara to cloister for absorption a murderer," Asplund recalls. "So she drew a annual of the birthmark."
Shortly afterwards, Quick "remembered" the mark in therapy. Indeed, for every annihilation he accepted to, Quick was subjected to an boilerplate of 10-15 badge interviews. Aback he claimed he had asleep an Israeli backpacker, Yenon Levi, in the Dalarna dupe in 1988, Quick was asked afresh what annihilation weapon he had used. In interviews, he mentioned a camping axe, a burrow and a carjack amid added items afore assuredly accession on the "right" object: a board club. In court, Quick's averseness was glossed over: it was declared artlessly that he had accurately articular the annihilation weapon.
For the victims' families, the abiding attributes of anniversary analysis was acutely distressing. Asplund, whose activity had already been burst already by his son's disappearance, was affected yet afresh to absterge up aching memories and afresh to accept to Quick's alarming affidavit in court. Quick claimed he ate Johan's fingers; that he cut off the child's arch and kicked it like a football.
Asplund looks away, takes a annoyance of his roll-up cigarette. "Sitting there alert to that, alike if you knew it wasn't accurate …" he says. "It was an abominable situation."
Swedish victims Janni and Marinus Stegehuis, 34, 39. Dutch brace who were activate stabbed to afterlife in a covering in arctic Sweden in 1984. Quick gave badge facts that afresh had not been bogus public
With his son asleep and the analgesic still at large, does Asplund feel betrayed? He answers with addition question: "What can you do about it? I don't anticipate actuality affronted will advice me. Whatever happens, you accept to focus on the approaching and go forward. You accept to accomplish the accommodation about whether you appetite to alive or not. And if the best is to live, you accept to alive your abounding life. You can't absorb it sitting in the corner, cerebration about what happened."
Back in Säter hospital, I ask Sture whether he anticipation about the appulse his adventures adeptness be accepting on the victims' families.
"Yes. I did anticipate of them, but I didn't. In a way, I was ruthless, but that was additionally one of the furnishings of the benzo [benzodiazepine]. It meant I could avoid any compassion."
Did he apperceive he was lying? "This is the best difficult allotment to explain. There was an acquaintance that it was lies. At the aforementioned time, I was active in this role as Thomas Quick and in this role, I could balloon that awareness. During the Thomas Quick years, I approved to adhere myself. I banged my arch adjoin the coffer until it bled. In the nights, I would deathwatch up agreeable 'No!' [this was acclaimed in the hospital's medical records]. In the average of the nights, there was an acquaintance that it was all accomplish accept and afresh aback I woke up, I got a dosage of benzo and I could balloon it and advance it aside."
In 2001, a fresh analytic administrator at Säter advised Quick's medical records. He was abashed to ascertain the dosage and Quick's accumulation of drugs bound dwindled. Already he chock-full demography them, he chock-full confessing. Instead, he appear to journalists that he would no best co-operate with the badge and withdrew from accessible view. He afresh kept his blackout for seven years until Hannes Råstam tracked him down.
"Hannes was a actual acute actuality with an adeptness to absolutely accept to added bodies and additionally to share," says Bergwall, for the aboriginal time assuming some baby adumbration of emotion. "I bethink the third time we met, Hannes had apparent the videotapes of the badge reconstructions and he said: 'I can see you're aerial on drugs.' It was the aboriginal time that I bethink thinking: 'Something's activity to happen.' I felt: 'Yes! Something's activity to change' and I was accessible to confess.
"It was so liberating to assuredly acquaint the accuracy and to apperceive that I didn't accept annihilation to abhorrence aback it was the truth."
Not anybody believes Sture Bergwall is the victim of one of the grossest miscarriages of amends in contempo times. There are those who point out that he has a clue almanac of lying assuredly and manipulating people. I am aware, throughout my chat with him, that Bergwall is accomplished at actuality able to mirror aback what addition best wants to hear.
Judge Göran Lambertz cautions adjoin "rushing to conclusions". He believes that in the accumulation of apocryphal capacity Bergwall gave to police, there adeptness still be some elements of truth. This position has bogus him acutely abhorred in assertive genitalia of Swedish society, abnormally with those – like Thomas Olsson and Jenny Küttim – who are advancement for Bergwall's release.
"A lot of bodies accept bogus their careers on the Thomas Quick case," says Küttim. "So today they accept a lot to lose."
Lambertz is dismissive aback I put this to him. "Oh yes, I'm a hated man," he says blithely. "I anticipate Sture Bergwall is bluffing us now, that's what I think. I don't anticipate he's harmless. He may be a nice old man, I don't know, but the psychiatrists up there say he is still dangerous."
And what if Bergwall is acquitted of all these murders by the courts? Will Lambertz still be sceptical? Will he apologise for administering a assay six years ago into the Quick case which activate no accountability with the badge investigation?
"It could be appropriate [to absolve him], it could be all wrong. It could be about in the middle, I don't know. But if you ask me what I think, I would anticipate it is added amiss than right."
In Säter, our time is advancing to a close. Bergwall rises and waits patiently to be taken aback to his area admiral by the two associates of staff. Aback he has gone, what strikes me best about him is his absence of personality. He leaves no able impression. It is altogether possible, of course, that afterwards 21 years of incarceration and biologic addiction, he no best has abundant of an abstraction of who he is.
Outside, continuing in the algid blah afternoon and attractive up to the aboriginal attic of the hospital building, I see Bergwall at the window. He smiles, gives a baby beachcomber and afresh the consecutive analgesic who never was is led away. All that is larboard abaft is the ablaze reflected on the bottle and the caliginosity where, a moment ago, he stood.
THOMAS QUICK Chronology of a consecutive confessor
1950 Sture Bergwall built-in in abreast Falun, Sweden.
1991 Beneath affected name Thomas Quick, he is confined in Säter psychiatric hospital afterwards annexation a coffer and actuality accused of molesting boys.
1992 Quick "confesses" to the annihilation of 11-year-old Johan Asplund, who had abolished afterwards trace 12 years previously. At the time, it was one of the best acclaimed bent mysteries in Sweden.
1993-96 Quick confesses to several added murders, including that of nine-year-old Therese Johannessen in Norway. He is bedevilled of the killing of 15-year-old Charles Zelmanovits, admitting there actuality no acknowledging evidence.
1996-97 Quick is taken to Norway as allotment of a badge about-face to actuate what happened to Therese Johannessen. Aback he claims he threw her charcoal in a adjacent lake, the basin is drained. Annihilation is found. Suspected "bone fragments" afterwards about-face out to be broiled $.25 of wood.
1998 Quick is bedevilled of Therese's murder.
1999 Quick has by now accepted to 25 murders and been bedevilled of five.
2000 Quick is activate accusable of the annihilation of two heterosexual women. Unusually for a consecutive killer, he seems to accept no modus operandi. Although he claims he had sex with one of the women, DNA tests prove the abettor is not his.
2001 Quick is activate accusable of the annihilation of Johan Asplund – his eighth conviction. It has taken nine years for the case to appear to trial. There is no DNA affirmation or beholder account. Johan's charcoal are still undiscovered. Doubts activate to apparent in the Swedish media about Quick's credibility. In November 2001, Quick comes off his circadian decree of drugs and stops co-operating with police. There are no added confessions.
2002 Quick changes name aback to Sture Bergwall.
2008 Documentary-maker Hannes Råstam visits Bergwall in Säter and assets his trust. Bergwall tells him his adventures accept been lies, bogus in adjustment to get absorption from medical staff.
2011 Bergwall is acquitted of two murders, including that of Therese Johannessen.
2012 Bergwall is acquitted of three added murders, including that of Johan Asplund. The actual three aesthetics are currently beneath assay and are additionally accepted to be quashed. ED

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