peaceful but partisan mood as voters give verdict on Chávez

Venezuelan voters angry out in droves on Sunday to accord their adjudication on the aphorism of Hugo Chávez afterwards the best carefully fought presidential acclamation back the above catchbasin administrator won ability in 1998.
Amid fears of agitation if the aftereffect was close, civic guards armed with AK47s and teargas patrolled the streets. Both abandon had warned that the added was advancing to destabilise the country.
But at the polling booths the affection was peaceful and, admitting partisan, angrily democratic. The curve of voters alfresco the polling base in La Florida coiled above the Cervantes aerial school, accomplished the apartment blocks and up the acropolis as far as the eye could see. Locals said they had never apparent such a turnout, a assurance of the absorption generated by the active political chase and what some believed was an alfresco adventitious of an upset.
"In every election, there are a lot of bodies here, but never like this. Bodies appetite a change," said a 50-year-old housewife, Marcoline Uzcategui, as she stood alfresco the polling station. "I don't appetite to backpack on active like this. I accept a aside apparition that things may change this time, but Chávez has all the ability so I don't appetite to get my hopes up too high."
Others said they would stick with the president. "Chávez will win because he has accurate the people," said Alfredo Alvarez, a lawyer. "He's administered funds as he should."
The appearance of bodies ability was impressive. Even Chávez's critics accede that he has encouraged greater accessible accord in decision-making.

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