Bad News for Liberty Reserve Users

Liberty Reserve's web site is currently not working. Their domain names are not resolving. The blog site where they post maintenance news is also not working. Further digging shows us that their nameservers now points to and They say that this nameservers are used for domains that are seized by the US governnment.

We searched further and we found this article. The article says
Arthur Budovsky Belanchuk, 39, on Friday was arrested in Spain as part of a money laundering investigation performed jointly by police agencies in the United States and Costa Rica.

Costa Rican prosecutor Jose Pablo Gonzalez said Budovsky, a Costa Rican citizen of Ukrainian origin, has been under investigation since 2011 for money laundering using a company he created in the country called Liberty Reserve.
As of now we are not sure if Liberty Reserve is still going to return or not. Let's just hope for the best.

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