'Micro-needle' is a painless injection technique from MITI

WOW.....Here comes an effortless injection technique. All this can be potential thanks to MITI system's micro needle that is licensed as a medical product . currently this can be gonna bring a revolution in cosmetics business thanks to its product known as "beauty cap". Its an instrument containing micro needle that may be used to cure age spots, blemishes and plenty of additional. If simply faucet the wonder Cap, when spreading cosmetics on the face, it pierces sexy layer to push absorption of cosmetics. Also, user does not have to be compelled to feel and stand pain, as a result of it's literally micro- needle.

Apart from its use in cosmetic industry ,it can be widely used as a deliver system of things like vaccine, hormone, insulin and protein products. Instead of taking medicines through the digestive system which will degrade its efficiency , you can start using beauty cap as it breaks in to your outer layer where there are no nervous which in turn causes " NO PAIN " and drug concentration can be very well maintained in blood plasma.

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